World Freedom
Advocates for a state-free society

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WorldFreedom.org is a project focused on individualism, liberty from majority coercion and state plunder. 

Peaceful non-aggression is our main principle, upholding the right for self-defense, and pursuit of happiness. World Freedom wishes to see the end of state dependency on the individual while advocating for a separation of state and economy to achieve the highest level of economic opportunity. 

States have long abused their priviledge of printing and managing fiat currency. World Freedom advocates for a gold/bitcoin based deflationary economy without influence from private central banks that purposedly dilute and mismanage economic resources for political purposes. 

WorldFreedom.org is a free-market organization, where individuals hold each other accountable for voluntary exchange. World Freedom advocates for a complete separation of industry and state. 

Advocates for ending forceful taxation and plunder through import/export fees and licensing for work-related economic activities. 

WorldFreedom.org requires a simple declaration of liberty to join, abandoning the use of all state wealth redistribution, state coercion, and state depedence in your personal life. You agree to uphold the highest degree of voluntary cooperation, non-aggression, and truth with reason in your personal life.